“If The Son therefore will set you free, you will truly be the children of liberty.” John 8:36 Aramaic in Plain English

Purpose: Our purpose is to be a place for families to have a safe environment where they can connect with other families and reconnect with themselves. We use fun and

fellowship to share the Good News to any and all who come through our doors, and show them the Love of God. We offer spiritual and emotional counseling when requested,

as it lines up with our Church directive and the Bible. We would like this ministry to help with the needs of the families as well. We would like to provide food when necessary,

school supplies for back to school, and even birthday gifts for those that would not normally be able to get something.


We are a ministries incubator. We see this ministry as a launch for the different ministries that will come. Kids ministries, VBS, Middle School, High School, College. An incubator is an enclosed apparatus providing a controlled environment for the care and protection of premature or unusually small babies. That's how we see ourselves right now, a protective place for premature and unusually small Christians.


The way we see this working is...


2nd Friday: Fun and games. Crafts. Face paint. Children being children and having fun doing so. We need interns, to help run tables where games and crafts may

need adult supervision, and to be present for the adults if they need counseling.


4th Friday: This is the day we celebrate Birthdays/Graduations and special events that happened to the children and families in the month. We want to be able to have a small cake for everyone, as well as a small toy for the children who we are celebrating. We would need interns to help with running a movie and serving cake.


Overall we need interns for set-up and tear-down, overall supervision and co-ordination. Mostly we need prayer. Without prayer and God's guidance we are dead in the water. We know God will supply all our needs as we move forward, so we are praying for funds, fun, and family.


Funds for the items we need, and supply costs

Fun games and fun times.

Family. Both those present and those coming.


Once a month we would like to go into the apartment complexes around The Warehouse and place door hangers on the doors letting them know about the upcoming events for the next month. This would take place on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. This way the neighbors can know where they keep hearing the great worship music on Sundays.

Jesus first

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